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Fire Dice Now Available for Order!

We're out of stock of our Fireball jars, but if you didn't get a chance to buy some fire dice, or just want more, they can now be ordered for immediate shipment!

How our D&D 5e Healing Potions Work
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I'm DM Dunn. I'm a husband, father, USMC Veteran, geek, nerd and of course a dreamer.

After years of wanting to play D&D, I finally realized no one ever knocked on my door asking me to join their game. So I overcame my shyness and about a year ago I found a couple of groups to join.  I also discovered the best way to always have a game, is to DM a game.


I became a crafting DM, making things the minis could interact with. I then wanted to also make things the players could interact with. One of these things was Healing Potion Dice Bottles. After lots of nudging from my players I asked my local Game Store if they wanted to sell them. They did, and sold out after the 1st week. Now I'm offering them to You.


My objective is to fund my D&D habit. I would like to build a custom gaming table, convert my garage into a comfortable gaming space, buy many more minis. Depending on the amount of backing I would like to have my mini's professionally painted (probably by some of you). 

I love D&D and want to continue sharing this love with my players, and you. We're going to be coming out with lots of Dungeon and Dragons accessories to make your games even more fun!

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