What an Incredible Start!

The below is an update I just posted to our Kickstarter Campaign.

Thank you all so much for your support! We’re both humbled and blown away… We reached our goal in less than 12 hours!When I sent a txt to Dusty this morning to tell him we hit our goal, he responded with:

Wide eyed 😳 with a look of, “holy crap + yeaaa!”


Please allow me to introduce myself..

I’m Steve – I’m Dusty’s neighbor, one of his players, and a collaborator on this project. Dusty created some beautiful potion bottles, and they, along with the other amazing crafting he does, really does make the game even more fun. That’s why I encouraged him to do this. Dusty will be on here as well, but his schedule is a little more constrained than mine. So I’ll be answering many of your questions, and handling some of the tasks behind getting these rewards out to you as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying them.I will create FAQs for the below but for now..

Shipping outside the US

As we were putting this project together, we did some initial research on shipping to countries outside the US. It’s definitely doable, but putting quotes together for each reward level with shipping, potential taxes and customs duties to each country was not practical. So we decided to wait and see if we even got orders from outside the US. Well, here we are.. :)The shipping estimates for the US should be good “worst case” scenarios, we’ll use the most economical means once we get closer to fulfillment.For countries outside the US, if you’ve backed us, or want to but are unsure about shipping, just reach out and I can put some estimates together. (A couple of you have already reached out). We don’t want there to be any unpleasant surprises for anyone, so I’ll get to these as quickly as possible, hopefully in 24 hours or less. The best way to handle this is to email us at info@dmdunn.com, but I will also be monitoring the comments.

Add On Rewards

Dusty and I talked a lot about add ons that would be cool to do with the project and we (mostly he) had some great ideas. We weren’t sure what would be possible, because we had no idea how many backers we’d get, or if we’d even fund. Now that we have a significant number of you awesome people aboard, we can start to put some of those ideas out there. Stay tuned in the next day or two for an update.
Again, thank you all for backing this project. We’re both looking forward to getting these out the door and making D&D more fun for you too!

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