$10,000 Has been reached!

You guys have done it! With the support of each and every one of you we have reached the $10,000 mark.

As a reward we are offering a couple more options for the add on color jars.

If you plan on using these for visuals and don’t need room for dice, then these will be for you.

For $9 you can still get them as you have already seen them.

For $11 you can get 3 times the transparent color fill (one color). This will look like a full jar of transparent color liquid. Beautiful visuals, when you don’t need room for dice.

For $13 you can get a jar with up to 3 different colors.  For example, Yellow and Blue make Green. So, you could have Blue on the bottom, Yellow on top, and Green in the middle (as if it was mixing). You can choose the colors you want (up to 3 per jar). Note, these also will not have room to add dice. 

Because you guys are so awesome and fast, I don’t have photos of these yet. I will make and post some in the next day or two.

Keep spreading the word!

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