Making D&D Even More Fun

Details matter. When we play D&D, part of the joy comes from creating a more immersive environment. In our games, we do this by introducing props such as trees, campfires, wagons, bridges, or more active components like our potion of healing bottles. Several of our players and other DMs marveled at how cool they looked and the level of detail that DM Dunn put into creating them. They kept asking where they could buy them. So after watching our handmade potion bottles quickly sell out at a local gaming store, we decided that this is something the larger gaming world might want.

So we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to see if we were right and maybe make other peoples’ games a bit more immersive too. Sign up to get updates for when we launch (in a few weeks from today).

This is hopefully just the beginning. We’re sure you’ll love the quality or the products we produce and trust that they will add to the fun of your games.