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DM Dunn can Runn a Game For You! 

You have found the entrance to a hidden cave. As you enter, your eyes try adjusting to the lack of light. You hear the dripping of water falling and hitting the hard stone floor, and the occasional scurry of what sounds like rats in the distance. Your nose is assaulted with the smell of old decay and wet moldy moss. You put a hand on the wall to maintain balance as you advance through the slippery wet passage. Suddenly you hear a click from under your boot. This is quickly followed with the sound of large stone grinding high above your head. Your instinct tells you to quickly dodge. If you succeed, you tuck and roll away from the boulder that is falling towards you. If you fail, the boulder will hit you. Time to roll the dice!

A Unique Night of Funn With DM Dunn

New to D&D and looking for someone to show you how the game is played? Or are you an experienced player who doesn’t have a DM to run a game for you?

What’s involved?

Like an escape room, just show up and enjoy the adventure.
All you need is 4 to 6 people (a double or triple date). We can either meet at a public venue or at your home.

Everything needed will be provided:


  • Character sheets, dice and instructions

  • A unique story will be provided for you and your friends.

  • The 4 hour session will evaporate before you know it. Even though you will be left wanting more, your party will have the experience of an adventure to share for years to come.

Limited Time Slots Are Available

Orange County, CA locations only.


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